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It’s Your Investment, Don’t Settle For Inexperience.


In the world of real estate, a home buyer inspection is a vital step in the property transaction process. Opting for a professional inspection can reveal hidden defects or structural issues that may not be disclosed by the seller, often because they’re unaware of them.

Though some buyers may choose to skip an inspection, it’s strongly advised to conduct one. The minor expense of an initial inspection before finalizing the sale can save you from future costly surprises. These evaluations identify potential problems, giving you a realistic view of the property and ensuring that you make an informed purchasing decision.

At Alicante Home Inspections, we prioritize your peace of mind. Our licensed home inspectors provide an in-depth and unbiased analysis of the property you’re considering. Even if the seller has provided their pre-listing inspection report, having your independent home buyer inspection ensures a fresh perspective and complete confidence in your investment.

Contact us today for a thorough home inspection that will help you anticipate any major future repairs and maintain a realistic perspective on your potential property. Trust Alicante Home Inspections for a process that keeps your best interests at heart.

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Our comprehensive inspection is a non-invasive survey of the readily accessible parts of the property. Here is a list of what it includes:


We understand that there are many inspection companies to choose from and we appreciate you giving Alicante Home Inspections the opportunity to earn your business! 

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You can rest assured that our inspectors will diligently inspect your property as if it was their own.  Our Inspectors truly care about your property, your family’s safety and your future investment. 




Our seasoned inspectors have years of experience. You can count on quality service. We know what we’re doing.



We provide quality service, professional & courteous inspectors, and the most modern easy-to-read inspection report in the industry.


Our team is Certified by InterNACHI and have performed thousands of inspections.