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Home Inspection Cost for Orange County Houses, Condos, Mobile Homes, Pools, Spas, and Roofs.

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Single Family Residence

$350 Up to 2200 S.F.

You can rest assured that our single family residential inspection will leave you feeling confident that your are making the right decision on your investment. In addition you will also receive a complementary comprehensive aerial roof inspection which more time then not will reveal unknown roof defects and could save you thousands of dollars.

Condo's and Townhouses

$300.00 Up to 1800 S.F.

During our Condo and Townhouse inspections we will inspection the complete interior along with your balconies, patios and decks. We will also pay special attention to safety issues such as firewalls in the attic and in the attached garage in addition to water heater strapping, and smoke and carbon detectors.                 

Investor - Flip Houses

Up to 2200 S.F. $350.00

Not all Investor flip homes are rehabbed equally. Some Investors operate on small margins and try to make things just look pretty! With our extensive construction knowledge we will make sure your investment in not just lipstick on a pig.


Mobile Home Inspections

Mobile Homes Single & Double Wide $350

Mobile Homes are unique by way of how they are constructed. On top of our traditional inspection our inspectors will pay attention to marriage lines, the underbelly, anchor points, sagging floors, pier spacing and much more.


Pool and Spa Inspections

Pool $75 Spa $50

Pool inspections are a must, especially for safety reasons, Many Insurance companies will want to know that your pool or spa meets a minimum safety requirements, In addition our inspectors will look at all your pool body, pump motors, skimmers, electrical connections, plumbing lines, filters and more. Having a better understanding of your pool and spa condition with help you make a better informed decision,

Aerial Roof Inspections

Aerial Roof Inspections $250

Our aerial roof inspection is a great way to check the condition of your roof. We are FAA certified to use drones during our inspections. However some areas may have flight restrictions due to FAA regulations.